STEM activities are so good at helping kids learn problem solving and critical thinking and more.

Another reason to get your kids involved in STEM activities is that they help kids learn the five themes of citizenship: honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility and courage?

STEM activities encourages multiple perspectives which means to look at a problem in a variety of ways which helps kids learn to empathise with and respect other people, opinions and cultures.

STEM activities also teach kids the importance of responsibility in their choices. Their decisions impact the environment, their fellow scientists, and their communities, so careful thought and deliberation is a must. Having compassion for people and animals helps scientists form good relationships with the world around them.

Honesty is a trait that’s valued in all people but especially for scientists. Having integrity in one’s work is critical in order to produce valid results that can be trusted. Kids learn the importance of never compromising their ethics in order to get ahead.

Kids learn courage through STEM by getting out of their comfort zones and doing tasks that are challenging. Tackling a big problem isn’t easy — if it was easy, the solution would already have been found! The inventions and ideas that will change our world are waiting to be found, and fearless kids with a willingness to work hard are the ones who will discover them.

Kids love LEGO, so it’s the perfect way to get them interested in STEM and thinking about maths. Here’s how to explain the concept of fractions using LEGO bricks. Genius!

What you need

1 x 8 dot LEGO brick
2 x 4 dot LEGO bricks
4 x 2 dot LEGO bricks
8 x 1 dot LEGO bricks

Check out the video to see how to add fractions together using LEGO.