Month: June 2017


The ultimate gateway to making learning fun, building toys have fast proven themselves a top educational tool for growing minds. Researchers, educators and parents are increasingly aware of the wide-ranging benefits associated with construction play, including LEGO bricks. No matter your child’s age group, abilities or interests, here are four key ways building toys will help their minds grow: 1) Increased social skills Whether your child is playing on their own or with their friends, development of their social and communication skills are taking place inside! Construction toys such as LEGO bricks encourage the development of soft or people-based...

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Help their imaginations soar!

You know that learning can be a fun, exhilarating experience – but sometimes kids have a different perspective. Too often when they think of learning, they relate it to the stress that school brings (think homework and grades). So how can you help your kids find the fun in learning? By giving them opportunities to let their imaginations soar. When it comes to imagination, the sky’s the limit! From this vantage point, new worlds will open to them. Here are a few ways you can help: Build. There are so many ways to let young minds build amazing creations. Blankets...

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Sharing is more than good manners

Sharing is universally considered to be a behaviour to strive toward. But sharing isn’t always easy – especially for kids. Since we as adults sometimes struggle with sharing, it shouldn’t be surprising that children may balk when it comes to practicing what we preach. Teaching kids to share is about much more than teaching good manners. Fostering a spirit of sharing is about teaching kids to be generous, to be accepting of others, to embrace diversity. When we teach our children to share, we are encouraging the development of skills that will help them be successful in life – skills...

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STEM teaches 5 themes of citizenship

STEM activities are so good at helping kids learn problem solving and critical thinking and more. Another reason to get your kids involved in STEM activities is that they help kids learn the five themes of citizenship: honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility and courage? STEM activities encourages multiple perspectives which means to look at a problem in a variety of ways which helps kids learn to empathise with and respect other people, opinions and cultures. STEM activities also teach kids the importance of responsibility in their choices. Their decisions impact the environment, their fellow scientists, and their communities, so careful thought and deliberation is...

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