Author: Julie Lang

The Ultimate Cyberbullying Guide for Parents

An Introduction to Cyberbullying Digital technology is quickly becoming ubiquitous in our society. The vast majority of individuals now travel with at least one device on their person. This has its advantages, as people can gain access to real time information as well as communicate with social contacts and business associates. It is also useful for day to day activities such as travel times, geolocation and weather information. And this trend is going to continue as new technology continues to be developed. 68% of Americans own smartphones as of 2015, with 45% owning tablets, according to the PEW Research Center....

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Building Confidence in kids

All conscientious parents wish to instil a sense of confidence and independence in their children. That isn’t always easy in the uncertain world we live in, but it should be a goal for forward-thinking mums and dads. Studies show certain parenting techniques can be especially effective in helping children build confidence and become more outgoing regardless of their challenges and surroundings. “A confident child displays a belief in his or her own abilities,” advises Maureen Healy in Psychology Today. “Children develop as a complex interplay between their internal and external environment … and naturally look up to their parents for guidance, feeling good and learning how to behave and believe in this world.” Research at the University of Washington indicates many children’s self-esteem is well in place by age 5, and self-confidence developed by that age (or the lack thereof) tends to last a lifetime. “Self-esteem appears to play a critical role in how children form various social identities,” reports study author Dario Cvencek. “Our findings underscore the importance of the first five years as a foundation for life.” How can parents encourage confidence in their kids? Consider the following tips. Talk up your child to others. Look for opportunities to mention to others (within your child’s hearing) how wonderful he/she is. Point to specific personality traits and achievements that are admirable. Avoid complaining about them or making negative comments...

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Help your child toward a lifetime of achieving goals

It’s the start of a new year, which means many of us are thinking about achieving goals for the coming months. While some people might make a New Year’s resolution light-heartedly with little concern about the follow-through, others look at it as an opportunity to set out a plan for the year. Setting goals is actually a great practice, not only at the beginning of each year but throughout the year as well. Research has shown that people are more likely to meet their goals when they put them in writing, tell someone else about those goals, and come...

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Physical education and STEM

Build minds and bodies in Physical Education class with these STEM activities We are well aware that movement and exercise have positive effects on the brain. “Letting kids move in class isn’t a break from learning. It IS learning.” Deepen the mind-body connection and team up with science and math teachers so you can incorporate some STEM-based lessons in your phys-ed classes (or a really fun after-school activity).   The case for bringing movement into learning It may seem counterintuitive, but exercise and learning go hand in hand. Getting up and doing an activity increases blood flow to the...

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